This high quality & Affordable Stainless Steel Annealing tool kit will allow you to Anneal all your brass cases to perfection. The Stainless Steel tools hold your brass via the primer pockets. Chuck up the hex end in your power screwdriver or drill and set the speed to your preferred level for perfect annealing. The kit includes two stainless steel tools to hold large and small primer pockets. Add in your Propane Torch and you are ready to start annealing. We have added new kits that Include the Tempilaq Heat Indicator at a discount when purchasing the combination.

Annealing Tool Kit

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" I got the annealing rigs, they work great. put them in an old slow screwdriver and rigged it so it tips and went to town. between myself and son in law we used the small die for the better part of an hour, but we have annealed brass out the wazzoo. Did about 30 7-08 cases also, no flaw in either size."
Annealing Tool Kit & Optional Accessories:
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