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The 20 Blitz™ is a midrange 20 caliber wildcat designed exclusively to propel the 39 Grain Sierra Blitzking bullet at 4,000 + fps. This combination provides an extremely accurate and flat shooting cartridge for target and varmint use out to 500 yards and beyond. We designed this cartridge around the high quality Norma 22 PPC brass. This is an extremely easy wildcat to make, simply run the brass into the Whidden FL bushing size die with a .227 CRT Neck Bushing and your brass is ready to load. Typical fireform loads produce 4,000 + fps and sub 1/2" groups. As with all our propietary cartridges the 20 Blitz™ utilizes a 40 degree ackley improved type design. If you would like to find out more about the 20 Blitz please call or email us.

20 Blitz™ Whidden Custom 2 Die set: $340
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