The Complete Small Caliber Powder Funnel Kit (our Best Value) which includes: Powder funnel with 17, 20, 22 Caliber adapter ends is Priced at: $50
The Standard Powder Funnel Kit will now include: one machined aluminum powder funnel, and one changeable caliber specific end. You can choose between 17, 20, or 22 Caliber powder funnel ends. You can also purchase additional caliber specific ends and a 2" extension separately. The inside of our powder funnel is machined smooth so the powder will slide easily into the case without restriction. You will be Amazed at how much quicker the powder will drop into your case versus any other funnel on the market. One of the many great features of this kit is the ability to have one funnel and simply change the caliber specific ends when needed. The caliber specific ends are threaded and knurled for ease of removal. The top portion of the funnel measures approximately 2" in diameter and was designed this way so the funnel is balanced and not top heavy for the small caliber cartridges. In addition this precision machined funnel fits over the case neck and sits on top of the brass to prevent powder loss or spill. The Powder Funnel and caliber specific ends are machined from solid aluminum bar stock and built to last a lifetime.
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Small Caliber Billet Aluminum Powder Funnel

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Customer Feedback
"Well I just recieved my funnel and adapters today. AWESOME !! Love the storage container that Brad shipped it in ! I won't be losing parts with that. Definately quality ! I have'nt been at the loading bench yet, but I'm just itchin to try that funnel !"
Jim D
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"Got my funnel and trays today, funnel is amazing. Trays are beautiful! Wish the holes were milled the tiniest bit larger, but maybe thats just me used to the slop in my usual wood blocks. Highly recommend!"
"Just a followup, I loaded about 300 hundred cases this week and this funnel is the best thing Ive spent money on in ages. Granted, I was using a cheap rcbs plastic funnel, but this funnel speeds up my loading quite a bit. The greatest part is that I can dump a full pan of powder into the funnel and all the powder just slides into the case without jamming up in the neck of the funnel. Very happy... "
Powder Funnel Shown W/optional 2" drop tube extension
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***If you would like to purchase one of our small funnels please email or call us.
***If you would like to purchase one of our small funnels please email or call us.