Large Caliber Billet Aluminum Powder Funnel

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"Just a followup, I loaded about 300 hundred cases this week and this funnel is the best thing Ive spent money on in ages. Granted, I was using a cheap rcbs plastic funnel, but this funnel speeds up my loading quite a bit. The greatest part is that I can dump a full pan of powder into the funnel and all the powder just slides into the case without jamming up in the neck of the funnel. Very happy... "
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"Hello, just got my powder funnel in the mail today. As a retired machinist, i must say this is a nice piece of equipment. I've made a few for friends over the years for .17 cal on a manual lathe. this is very well made. i'll be ordering some reloading trays soon also."
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Our Large Caliber Funnel is machined from 2 1/2" billet 6061 aluminum bar stock. The design is very similar to our Extremely Popular Small Caliber Powder Funnel. Our Large Funel uses changeable caliber specific adapters just like our Small Powder funnel. As always we machined the inside of the powder funnel smooth so that your powder charge slides quickly and effortlessly into the case. You never have to worry about static with our Billet Aluminum Funnel, by utilizing aluminum instead of plastic we have eliminated the dreaded static problem. With our Custom Caliber Specific adapters you will eliminate the powder spills and loose fit of a universal style funnel. Please contact us if you require a caliber specific adapter that's not listed and we can discuss building a custom caliber specific adapter to your specifications. We have designed our Large Caliber Powder Funnel for use with all calibers from .22 up to .338. The funnel volume is approximately double that of our small caliber powder funnel to handle the larger powder charge needs. Go ahead and treat yourself to the best powder funnel available on the market today, you can't loose we gurantee it! The Large Caliber Powder Funnel comes with one caliber specific adapter of your choice, additional caliber specific adapters and a 2" Powder Funnel Drop Tube extension can be purchased separately. Caliber Specific Adapters are available in sizes ranging from .22 to .338. The large funnel and 1 adapter is $55 (additional adapters are available ala carte for $6 each.)
Funnel Shown with .308 Brass
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