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Due to shortages in the existing die bushing market we decided to start producing our own line of custom neck bushings. Upon undertaking this project we wanted to make a couple key changes that we felt was necessary to produce a top quality neck bushing. The first change we implemented was the addition of CNC machining a radius entry point for the brass to enter the bushing. This change alone offers a dramatically better bushing by allowing the brass to be sized without the addtional stress of a typical chamfered edge (found on all existing bushings). In addition we also decided to use the CNC mill to engrave the data onto the face of the bushing versus the industry standard (and less costly method) of using a punch type tool to displace the metal which can and will cause distortion. We believe these two changes offer a level of quality never before seen in the bushing market. Our bushings fit all standard bushings dies such as Redding, Wilson, etc...
CRT bushings start life as D2 tool steel bar stock. They are then CNC Lathe turned to size, bored, and the entry point is radiused. After the first lathe process an addtional process is ran to cleanup and radius the backside of the bushing. From this point the bushings are then placed into a fixture in the Haas CNC Mill and engraved. After the first three processes are completed we send the bushings off to a Heat Treat facility where they are dual tempered/heat treated to Rc60. Upon return from heat treat we inspect and hand polish each bushing to a perfectly smooth internal finish. Current pricing on our high quality CRT Neck Bushing™ is $15 each.
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Bushing sizes we currently produce: 226,227,228,229,230,232,235,241,243,244,245,.246,247,248,249,250,
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